Sunday, January 27, 2008

my website

There are great links, including some old pics. of Dallas, Texas, including Casa Linda Plaza (only the Casa Linda Theater and the Mobil gas station are built). In addition, there are some pics. of Port Isabella.

These are the google ads links that I am supposed to make a ton of money when people click. That's not happening, I don't have any traffic to my site. I made this site using software. It's easy, and only costs $29 a year to have someone maintain the link.

Some links include (aircraft a/c), (find out what the immigrants are saying to you), and (check your connection speed). Have you ever seen a catfish this big?????

I have a link to email me (I have emails from Africa everyday: it appears I am rich, and just need to contact the person to pick up my $$$$$, so don't forward any more "presidents of Uganda" mails. I am awaiting my first payment).

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